Eternal Supeme Father God in our Scriptures


Kabir Sahib

Garib Das Ji's Speech on Controlling Mind and Lust

गरीब, कुरंग, मतंग, पतंग, श्रंग और भ्ररंगा।
इन्द्री एक ठग्यो तिस अंगा।।
गरीब, तुम्हरे संग पांचों प्रकासा।
योग युक्त की झूठी आशा।।

A deer is called ‘kurang’. In a deer, the sense of hearing which enjoys sound is very strong. Under the influence of which, it gets attracted towards the hunter (who produces sound by playing a special melody from an instrument called Sarangi)) without caring for his life and gets killed.

Matang is a name for an elephant. In it, there is dominance of sex. It, under the influence of the sense of procreation, hands over its life in the hands of the hunter.

The hunters, who catch elephants, give special training to a female elephant. They dig a deep pit in the jungle and make a roof of long bamboos over it. Throw earth over it and set grass on it; as aresult of which it appears like ground. Then send that trained female elephant towards the herd of elephants. The female elephant rubs her body againstone elephant and arouses it. When that aroused elephant endeavours, then that female elephant flees. The male elephant runs after her. That female elephant approaches the place where the pit has been dug, passes by it, and then runs straight ahead. The male elephant, blinded by lust, keeps running straight and after falling in the pit as per plan and not finding any way out, becomes weak after screaming for a long time and is caught by the hunter. Then remaining subdued throughout life, wanders from village to village, hungry and thirsty, with the beggar.

Under the influence of beauty (eyes-sense organ), a moth gets burnt by being attracted to the beauty (brightness) of light. Under the influence of taste (sense organ-tongue), a fish tries to eat a small piece of meat which the fisherman has entangled in the fish-hool. That hook gets stuck in its mouth. Then the fisherman throws it out of water with a blow. That fish dies after tossing about.

Under the influence of smell (sense organ-nose), a large black bee sits on a flower and becomes so much helpless that in the evening that flower shuts and the bee dies within it.

गरीब, तुम्हरे संग पांचों प्रकासा।
योग युक्त की झूठी आशा।।

In a human all these five senses are present. Therefore Kabir Sahib Ji is saying via Garib Das Ji that Kaal has embedded these five defects in to humans, therefore its a futile effort to become "Yog Yukt"

Therefore do bhajan after taking Satyanaam from a Complete Satguru and get liberated from Kaal’s trap. Defects are obliterated by this Satyanaam only and one attains the Complete God (Supreme God) by Saarshabd. One becomes completely free from birth and death.